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Sunday 24. September 2017

20.16, 20.23, 20.48. 21.24 and 21.36 Uhr

Parents: Omahkatayo Tristan and Ariel from A-Riverway

  Daina from A-Riverway    Girl    NFO a 23 blue tabby   
  Dahna from A-Riverway    Girl    NFO n 09 23 black tabby with white   
  Daia from A-Riverway    Girl   NFO n 23 black tabby   
  Damhnait from A-Riverway    Girl   NFO n 23 black tabby   
  Dunfhlaith from A-Riverway    Girl   NFO n 23 black tabby  
Mother and children are excellent. Ariel gives it all :-)


Sunday 20. August 2017 20.56 and 22.24 o'clock

Parents: Bjarki from A-Riverway and Une betite blance Astrid

 Dalia from A-Riverway   Girl   NFO n 09 23 black tabby with white   
 Davallia from A-Riverway   Girl    NFO a 09 23 blue tabby with white  

Mother and children are doing very well. Astrid is a great mother  :-)



E-Mail nfo-cattery@bluewin.ch  Telefon +41 (0) 251 49 23


We raise our kittens with the utmost care and affection as part of our family in our living room - which enables us to socialise them from the very beginning of their lives.
They are dewormed with "Milbenmax S for kitten" and are vaccinated against kitty flu and feline panleukopenia. Every kitten will be tested for leucosis. Also, every kitten gets a microchip-implant that enables distinct identification as it is registered with ANIS Schweiz (includes all necessary details for identification) as well as a health certificate and pedigree.

Our kittens are only sold with a contract, signed by us and the new owner - in order to protect the animal from any kind of misuse. We obviously appreciate in a new owner sharing with us pictures and stories about the kitten once it has left our home. Naturally we don't want to push anybody into staying in touch with us - it would just be nice to learn how our precious kittens develop in their new home. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions or when seeking advise -  we are happy to help!
We would be delighted if you shared our passion for the Norwegian Forest Cat with us!

The cat population of breeding "A-Riverway" is tested for HCM and GSD4! All our adult cats are completely valid vaccinated against cat flu and feline panleukopenia.
The entire cat population is in possession of the Leukemia test and have the vaccaination for felline leukemia. The rabies vaccination have those cats who travel with us abroad. All are registered by a microchip and are
registered with ANIS Schweiz. White breeding cats only be used with BAER test for the breed!

Sporadically we have all our cats tested for parasites and viruses, especially after shows. Other specific examinations will be done when necessary, by the Veterinary Clinic in Zurich or the Klinik Obergrund in Lucerne..

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please contact us by either phone or e-mail to get more information.